Bus Repairs

Repair your vans and commercial buses

Our Repair Process

We have a very detailed and thorough repair process focused on ensuring that at the end of everything, your car is in great shape. Quality control is part of every stage, and we have supervisors who make sure every decision is taken, and tasks completed meet our standards.


The first thing we do is identify the problem or fault that needs to be fixed before we get to work. We usually do this alongside the customers so we can know exactly what they want, and we make use of the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure accuracy.

Bus Service Technician Staying in Front of Vehicle With No Diesel Engine Inside
Automotive Technician Restoring Old Diesel Engine


Once we have identified the problem we have to fix, the next thing is to provide you with an estimate on the parts and labour. We ensure that we carry the customer along throughout the process, providing you with any additional information and seeking your approval where it is necessary.


The next step is to do the work that needs to be done on your vehicle. We use quality materials and ensure that we follow the quoted estimates while also using quality components to complete your work. Our focus is on giving you quality and doing it on time.

Automotive Mechanic Performing Scheduled Diesel Engine Service

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